Looking for Python podcast co-hosts

As you might know, I’m a panelist on the weekly “Freelancers Show” podcast, which talks about the business of freelancing.

The good news: The same company that’s behind the Freelancers Show, Devchat.tv, is putting together a weekly podcast about Python, and I’m going to be on that, too! We’ll have a combination of discussion, interviews with interesting people in the Python community, and (friendly) debates over the current and future state of the language.

The better news: We’re looking for cohosts to participate in our panel discussion on a regular basis, say 2-4 times per month.

We’re looking for a diverse set of hosts, representing the breadth and width (and height, I guess) of the Python community — including skill levels, technical backgrounds, workplaces, and interests. You’ll also need a decent podcasting microphone. We’ll record weekly, on a day to be determined, at about 20:00 UTC for about 60-90 minutes.

If you’re talkative, articulate in English, interested in Python, able to commit to recording several times per month, and are willing to tolerate my jokes, then please be in touch, via e-mail (reuven@lerner.co.il) or Twitter (@reuvenmlerner)! We’re hoping to start in the coming month or two.

I should note that this podcast is not meant to replace the existing, and amazing, podcasts that already exist in the Python community! I listen to them (and occasionally appear on them, too), and have a lot of respect for the hosts of (for example) Talk Python to Me, Python Bytes, Python Init, and Test & Code. I hope that what we create will be complementary to their shows, and grow the Python community to an even larger degree.

Sound interesting? Let me know!

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