Programmer fluency is crucial.

Did you hear about the award-winning novelist who is a brilliant storyteller, but cannot write a paragraph without first checking a dictionary, thesaurus, or grammar guide? Of course not; part of being a good writer is a mastery and understanding of your tools. If half of your time is spent researching how  you’ll spend the other half, it’ll be hard for you to get anything done.

The same is true for programming: Being a terrific programmer means knowing what you can do with a language, and also how the language works. When you’re fluent, the language becomes an extension of your thought process, allowing you to produce code that is more efficient, correct, and maintainable.

In today’s business environment, being able to code fluently isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. High-tech companies are looking for the greatest possible ROI on their development staff, which means ensuring that developers maximize their potential, with a deep understanding of their languages, tools, and environments.

If your programmers consult with Google and Stack Overflow in order to accomplish just about any task, then they aren’t fluent — and your company’s productivity isn’t as high as it could be.

I’m Reuven Lerner, and I’m on a mission to make your programmers more fluent. I’ve been a professional software developer for 25 years, and currently spend my time helping programmers at companies such as Apple, Cisco, HP, PayPal, and VMWare to sharpen their techniques, improve their understanding, and increase their codes maintainability. Combining my deep background in development with many years as a trainer and a PhD in learning sciences, Im able to offer a variety of products and services that help programmers to level up their game.

If your company is using Python or Git, then I can help you to become more effective, more productive, and even more profitable. Contact me today to discuss how we can increase your company’s ROI on its investment in software development.