Level up your coding skills with Weekly Python Exercise

Most days, I’m on-site at companies around the world, teaching various Python courses. And by far, the most common question that I get from students is: Once the course is over, how can I keep improving my Python skills?

The answer is simple: Practice. Just as you have to practice using a language in order to become fluent, you must keep using and practicing Python to become more proficient and efficient.

Weekly Python Exercise is a family of 15-week courses, each of which gives you a chance to improve your Python skills. On November 5th, I’ll be opening a new advanced-level cohort, aimed at people with at least 6 months of day-to-day Python experience.

During the course, you’ll improve your understanding of iterators, generators, decorators, threads, functional programming, and even a bunch of useful packages from PyPI.

Here’s how WPE works:

  • Every Tuesday, you receive a problem/question, along with “pytest” tests that your code should pass.
  • On the following Monday, you receive the solution code, along with explanatory text.
  • In between (as well as before and after), you can participate in our private forum, sharing code and solutions, and asking me questions.
  • Every month or two, I hold live office hours, at which you can ask me questions in real time.

Sounds simple? It is — and it should only take you about an hour every week. But by getting regular practice, your coding skills will improve, and your Python fluency will improve, too. You’ll be able to do more in less time, and will think more “Pythonically” than before.

Moreover: Join before October 29th, and you can take advantage of the early-bird pricing of $80. After that, you’ll still be able to join … but you’ll have to pay more.

Questions? Want to see some sample exercises? Or maybe you qualify for one of my many discounts? It’s all explained at http://WeeklyPythonExercise.com/ . Or just send me e-mail at reuven@lerner.co.il, and I’ll be delighted to answer.