Write better Python functions!

Weekly Python Exercise
Weekly Python Exercise

Whether you’re a newcomer to Python or an old hand, you’re probably writing lots of functions — functions that perform calculations, functions that parse files, functions that check passwords, and functions that contact remote APIs.

But in Python, functions are more than just verbs. They’re also nouns: They’re objects that we can store in data structures, and pass along to other functions as arguments.

Better yet, Python’s functions can be defined with a variety of parameters, to handle different types of arguments, passed in a variety of ways.

Learning how to use all of this functionality can be difficult. And understanding how to put it in context, wading through lots of documentation along the way, can seem daunting.

That’s where Weekly Python Exercise comes in. The upcoming cohort, which will start on Tuesday, April 27th, focuses on functions — how we define them, and how we use them. Over 15 weeks, you’ll learn how to write, call, and use functions with a variety of different parameters and in a wide variety of contexts.

Moreover, you won’t be doing it alone: You’ll be sharing your questions, answers, frustrations, and code with others in our private forum. And you’ll be invited to monthly office hours with me, to discuss any questions you might have about Python. Plus, the weekly exercises come with “pytest” tests, so that you can check your work and know when it fits the specifications.

If you want to improve your Python fluency, then there’s no better way than Weekly Python Exercise. Check out the A2 (functions for beginners) cohort at https://store.lerner.co.il/wpe-a2.

Questions? Thoughts? Eligible for a discount? Hit me up at reuven@lerner.co.il on e-mail, or as @reuvenmlerner on Twitter.

But don’t delay — because I won’t be offering this course again until 2022!