It’s time to learn Python

I’m on a mission: I want to help people to do more in less time, and to have better careers. How? Using Python.

If you’re reading this, then you might already be convinced that Python is both easy to learn and impressively powerful. And you hopefully benefit from this power, either in your day-to-day work or as you tinker on personal projects.

But a lot of people aren’t quite convinced, or don’t yet know:

  • Non-programmers think that programming is arcane, difficult to learn, or just irrelevant to their work. And besides, the way they currently do things is good enough, right?
  • Experienced developers, meanwhile, wonder why they should learn Python, when they can do just fine with other languages. I often hear this in my corporate training classes — until those hard-core developers see how much can be done with a handful of lines of Python.

I know, from experience, that no matter what your background, Python can help you to become more productive. And the number of companies looking for people with Python experienced continues to grow quickly, which means that having it on your resume gives you a leg up on other candidates.

On Wednesday, I’m holding a free, hour-long Webinar aimed at people who haven’t yet discovered the power and magic of Python. I’ll talk about why it’s a great language, and what people are doing with it. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A.

I hope to inspire people to start learning Python. And yes, I’ll also be pitching my courses as one way to make that move.

You can learn more, and register to join me, at

Now, if you’re already an old hand at Python, then you probably don’t need convincing. But perhaps you have colleagues who aren’t sure if Python is a worthwhile investment of their time. Or maybe you have friends who have considered it, but aren’t completely sure.

And if you’re new to Python, like more than half of the people getting my free, weekly “Better developers” newsletter? Then you’ll almost certainly learn something new about the language, and ways to use it that you hadn’t considered before.

Questions? Contact me at or as @reuvenmlerner on Twitter, and I’ll be happy to answer. But I also hope to see you on Wednesday!

Again, join me, for free, at