One year of “Python for non-programmers”

In the spring of last year, as the coronavirus pandemic began, it was pretty clear that this would be the major event of our lives, and that a lot of people were going to be affected in big, terrible ways — beyond the issues related to the virus itself, and the injury it created. Schools and businesses were shutting down, and we were all a bit scared about what was going to happen.

I decided to offer a free, weekly class, called “Python for non-programmers,” to whoever wanted to join. For 15 weeks, people from around the world joined me to learn Python programming. Whether they wanted to pick up a marketable skill, learn a new hobby, or just take their mind off of the pandemic, they were all welcome to join me. Many joined during the live sessions, but many others learned from the recorded videos.

A year later, I’m delighted to say that more than 2,500 people have taken this free course, and new people continue to sign up every day. I get e-mail about once a week from someone who said that they had always wanted to learn to program, but that other courses were too hard or too advanced, and they gave up. My course gave them the encouragement and support they needed.

It’s true that I earn my living teaching Python, and that I charge money for many of my courses. But it’s also true that I love what I do, in no small part because it helps people to improve their careers, and to accomplish more in less time. Knowing that so many people have taken this course is a bright spot in an otherwise difficult year. When I get e-mail from someone thanking me for the course, it completely makes my day, and reminds me why I so enjoy being a Python trainer.

If you have always wanted to program, but thinks that it’s too hard for them, I invite you to watch the 15 hours of video from “Python for non-programmers.” It is and will remain 100% free of charge.

And if you already know how to program, then please share the course info with people who don’t, but who might benefit from learning. Programming doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Heck, it can even be fun, as well as useful to know.

Want to sign up? Just go to, and you’ll be able to start in no time.