Seven ways to improve your team’s Python

If you’re a manager, then you’re always trying to find ways that’ll help your team do more in less time. That’s why you use Python — because it makes your developers more productive. They can spend more time creating new features, and less time debugging or maintaining existing code. It’s no surprise that so many companies are moving to Python.

After you’ve moved to Python, you can still make your team more effective. That is, your organization can become more productive, combining technology and culture to help your developers improve. In such a scenario, everyone wins: Your company becomes more efficient and effective, and your team members are more satisfied.

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How can you improve your company’s Python? I’ve prepared a 6-page white paper on the subject, describing a variety of techniques I’ve both seen and used with companies around the world. It’s free to download; I hope that you’ll read it and adopt some of the techniques I’ve listed here.

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