Registration for Weekly Python Exercise ends in 24 hours

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Registration for Weekly Python Exercise B1 (i.e., advanced level, part 1) closes in about 24 hours. Don’t be left out!

WPE gives you exercises in all sorts of advanced Python topics: Data structures, functions, object-oriented programming, comprehensions, generators, and decorators.    These exercises model real-world problems, so that when you encounter problems at your job, you’ll be able to attack them better and faster, with fewer searches on Stack Overflow and Google.

Moreover, it does so with an online community — so you can compare code with, and learn from, others in the cohort.

You will, after 15 weeks in WPE, be a better, more fluent Python developer. You’ll be more valuable at your current job, and able to get better jobs in the future.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s what some WPE students have said:

  • Currently I’m engaged mid way through the A1 cohort and what differentiates Reuven’s course from regular online reading, YouTube videos or other self study mechanisms are context and application.
  • Fully recommend the course to anyone wanting to not only begin with Python, but learn it contextually and apply the learning via best practices.
  • I’m 20-something weeks into my first WPE course and really enjoy it. It’s totally worth it and a fantastic way to keep my Python skills sharp and learn new things in the process!

Hundreds of Python programmers from around the world have already leveled up their Python knowledge with Weekly Python Exercise.  You can, too!

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