Last chance: Weekly Python Exercise B3 starts tomorrow!

Want to improve your Python skills? Looking for a way to practice on a regular basis, backed up by a community of learners?

Look no more: A new advanced-level cohort of Weekly Python Exercise is starting tomorrow! If you’ve been using Python for at least a year, then this course will open your eyes to new techniques, and help to strengthen existing ones.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Tuesday, you’re sent a new problem via e-mail, along with “pytest” tests
  • On the following Monday, you get the solution, with a detailed explanation.
  • In between, you can chat in our private forum about your solution (and theirs).
  • Once a month, I do free, live office hours, answering your Python questions.

But wait, there’s more: As of this cohort (B3), every solution will not only be written up in e-mail, but will also be answered in a screencast! I hope that this will help you to understand the solutions better than in pure text.

Questions? Comments? Wondering about discounts? Just contact me at @reuvenmlerner on Twitter, or send me e-mail at

But don’t hesitate; I won’t be offering this cohort again until 2021…

Click here for more info about Weekly Python Exercise