Become more fluent with Python functions in just 15 weeks

A new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise A2 (“Functions for beginners”) starts tomorrow — Tuesday, May 5th. If you’ve been using Python for less than one year, and want to write better, more powerful, more idiomatic functions that do more with less code — then this is the course for you.

WPE’s time-tested formula combines many elements — a weekly exercise, “pytest” tests, a private discussion forum, an extended solution and explanation, and live office hours — to push your Python skills ahead, and make you a more fluent developer.

Here’s what previous WPE students have had to say:

  • “WPE is the best investment one can make. There are free MOOCs out there. I tried, but stopped before the end because they don’t teach, they just show how to do some stuff.” — Jean-Pierre Bianchi
  • “The course was really excellent in every significant way.” — Doug Blanding
  • “I’ve learned more in a short time from your courses than I have from other big name courses.” — Alan O’Dannel

This cohort of WPE won’t be offered again until 2021. So if you want to level up your Python skills, then don’t delay! Learn more (and sign up) at

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