Want to improve your Python fluency? Join Weekly Python Exercise!

A new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise, my family of courses to improve your Python fluency, starts on November 5th.

This time, it’s an advanced-level cohort. We’ll explore topics such as iterators, generators, decorators, objects, and threads.

The course’s structure is simple:

  • Every Tuesday, you get a new question, along with “pytest” tests to check yourself
  • On the following Monday, you get the solution and explanation
  • In between, you can discuss your solutions (and problems) with others in your cohort, on our private forum
  • I also hold live video office hours, where you can ask me questions about the exercises

Questions or comments? Or perhaps you’re eligible for one of my discounts? Read more at http://WeeklyPythonExercise.com/, or send me e-mail at reuven@lerner.co.il.

But don’t delay, because November 5th is coming up soon. And why miss out on improving your Python knowledge and fluency?