Early-bird pricing for Weekly Python Exercise ends tomorrow

My native language is English: I grew up speaking it at home and school, and it’s my preference when reading, writing, and speaking. I studied in US schools through 12 grade, and then got both a bachelor’s degree and a PhD at American universities.  I’ve been writing for years, including 20 years as a columnist at Linux Journal.

Am I fluent in English? Yes, I’d say so.  And yet, I’m always reading tidbits about the history of English, how to speak more clearly, and how sharpen the language I use when writing.

Why? Because fluency isn’t a video game, in which you get a flashing sign saying, “Achievement unlocked: You’re fluent!”  No matter how fluent you currently are, there are ideas, techniques, and practices that you can still learn. You can always become better. 

How do you improve your fluency? The best way, of course, is practice. No matter how fluent you already are, more practice is always good.  As the old saying goes, the best way to become a good writer is to write. And the best way to become a better speaker is to speak.  And so forth.

What’s true for English, and other languages, is true for programming languages, as well.  If you want to be a better Python programmer, then you should be writing Python code, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.  Better yet, you should be discussing your mistakes (and techniques) with others, so that you can compare ideas and techniques, and learn from your peers.

This is the thinking that has driven my work with Weekly Python Exercise. Each of the six WPE courses is designed to help you become a more fluent programmer.

A new advanced-level cohort is starting on November 5th. But tomorrow (Tuesday, October 29th) is the last day you can sign up for the early-bird price of $80.

Here’s what some people have said about previous cohorts of WPE, when asked what they thought:

  • I was a total python noob when I started.  I just wanted to learn the syntax, how to look at problems and find the solution. You provided both… your teaching is instrumental in drilling some concepts into our brains.
  • I learned a lot of features of the language and had a fun time doing it. I also got to apply what I learned when programming for work.
  • I expected to see Python in real world examples. I am not disappointed, because during WPE there were many these examples with wide varieties of programming blueprints.
  • The exercises are perfect for me because they are right in my “wheelhouse”. I have enough background knowledge that the context of the problems is relevant in my experience, yet I can’t just rattle off the solutions instantly.

If you use Python on a regular basis, but still feel that you can learn more about advanced techniques: Iterators, generators, decorators, comprehensions, inner functions, threading, and useful PyPI packages, then Weekly Python Exercise is for you.

Early-bird pricing ends on Tuesday evening. After that, you can still sign up, but you’ll pay the full price (i.e., $100).  Why delay?

Click here to learn more about Weekly Python Exercise, and become a better Python developer.

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