Save time — and 30% — with my 25 Python, Git, and data science courses!

Reuven Lerner, Python Training

It’s that time of year — Black Friday, when everything goes on sale. At my online store, with more than 25 courses about Python, data science, Git, and regular expressions, I’m giving 30% off of the usual price.

Here’s what some students have said about my courses:

  • “This is by far the most amazing Python course I have taken. It is full of advanced information, especially for people who want to take their Python skills to next level.” — Punit Jain
  • “I think you have an exceedingly rare crystal clear explanation of all things Python and I look forward to more content!” — David Punsalan
  • “Reuven’s teaching approach is excellent in terms of pacing and cadence. I never felt that too much was being covered at one time or that a topic was covered too fast before moving onto to the next item.” — Jason Wattier

Every single one of my courses also includes exercises — not only questions and answers, but a walk-through of the solution, live-coding into Jupyter notebooks.

No matter how long you’ve been using Python, one of my courses will help you to write better, clearer, more idiomatic, more efficient code. And you’ll do it in less time, freeing you to do other things, such as spend time with family, or relax with friends.

Here’s what you can find in my online store, at

And yes, in case you’re wondering: I’ve added a bunch of courses in the last year, including intro courses about Python files and modules, and advanced courses (recordings of Webinars) about functional Python, packages, threading, and asyncio.

Just use the coupon code BF2021 at checkout to get 30% off. It’s a bit hard to see where you can enter the coupon code, so I’ve included it in the above links.

Wondering what course(s) are best for you? E-mail me at, or DM me on Twitter at @reuvenmlerner.