Join the data revolution with my “Intro to SQL” course!

Have you heard? Data is “the new oil” — meaning, data is the most valuable and important thing in the modern world. Which means that if you can store, retrieve, and organize your data, then you (and your company) are positioned for greater success.

This usually means working with a database — and frequently, a relational database, with which you communicate using a language called SQL.

In other words: SQL is the key to the modern data revolution. But too often, people are put off from learning SQL. It seems weird, even when compared with a programming language.

Well, I have good news: If you want to join the data revolution and work with databases, I’m offering a new course. On November 15th, I’ll be teaching a live, 4-hour online course, “Intro to SQL.” I’ll teach you the basics of what you need to work with a database.

The course includes:

  • Access to the live, 4-hour online course, including numerous exercises and opportunities for Q&A
  • Access to the course recording, forever
  • Participation in our private forum, where you can ask me (and others) database-related questions

I’ve been using databases since 1995, and have been teaching SQL for more than 20 years. This course is based on that corporate training, and is meant to get you jump started into the world of data and relational databases. We’ll be using PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source database I’ve been using for more than two decades.

Questions? Learn more at (where there’s an extensive FAQ). Or contact me on Twitter (@reuvenmlerner) or via e-mail ( I’ll answer as soon as I can.

I hope to see you there!