Black Friday: All of my Python courses are 50% off!

This coming Friday is “Black Friday,” when many stores offer big discounts on their products. I’m happy to say that from Friday through Monday, every course in my online store will be 50% off.

This includes all eight of the video courses in my online store:

There’s a new course in there — my brand-new “Intro Python: Functions” course tells you everything you need to understand writing and using Python functions. It’s aimed at people with programming experience but without a lot of experience with Python.

Oh, and you might also have noticed that my Pandas course is now complete, weighing in at 12.5 hours of videos (!), along with a large number of exercises.

But wait, there’s more: In 2020, I’ll be offering all six versions of Weekly Python Exercise (3 for beginners, and 3 for more experienced developers). If you buy them during this sale, you’ll save 50%. The cohorts might not be starting for several months, but you can lock in this price, and then begin the course along with the other students when it begins.

I’ll have more information about my Black Friday sale later this week. And I hope that this Black Friday will be an additional milestone as you improve your Python fluency.

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