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I appreciate your purchase and support — of me, of the other Python instructors participating in this Humble Bundle, and the organizations we’re helping to support.

You’ll soon get a bunch of e-mail messages from me (reuven@lerner.co.il) with instructions for accessing the courses. I apologize for the flurry of messages you’ll get; I tried to keep them to a minimum.

Make sure to whitelist my e-mail address, so that course announcements and updates will reach you, and not end up in your spam/junk mailbox.

If you don’t get any welcome messages, and they aren’t in your spam folder, then something might have gone wrong. And I want to fix any such problems! Just e-mail me (reuven@lerner.co.il) your name, e-mail address, and Humble Bundle redemption code.

I’ll be in touch soon!


Python Workout cover
Pandas Workout cover

PS: Be sure to check out my books, Python Workout and Pandas Workout, with exercises to improve your fluency in Python and Pandas.