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It’s hard to find developers. But today, finding Python-savvy talent is especially hard given how popular the language has become.

The good news is that Python is easy to learn, and there’s a ton of online documentation that people can read. Many of the developers I’ve met have managed to “program” in Python for years, just by reading Stack Overflow, copying the answers into their IDE, and making some adjustments.

But at a certain point, you can’t Google your way out of your Python problems. You need true fluency.

Whether you’re doing test automation, devops, data science, Web applications, or system administration, you may be struggling to find good developers — and to make the developers you have as productive as possible.

Python can help your team do more with less code, when it’s done right. One thing some teams struggle to understand is their current level of Python proficiency, and what steps to take to improve it.

I’d like to help, with a free, no-obligation Python Maturity Assessment. On a quick call, I’ll ask you to tell me about your developers, and by the end of the call I’ll give you specific recommendations on how to improve your team’s proficiency.

Schedule your complimentary Python Maturity Assessment call here.

I look forward to speaking with you! If you have any questions at all, just e-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il.

(And in case you’re wondering, I’m Reuven Lerner. I help teams at companies like Apple, IBM, and Western Digital learn and improve their use of Python. You can learn more about me here.)