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Hi, I’m Reuven Lerner.  I help developers around the world to become more fluent in Python.   I’d love to find ways to make you a better developer, too!

Most days, I work on-site with companies around the world (US, Europe, Israel, and China), teaching their engineers and staff.

Among my repeat clients are:

  • Apple
  • ARM
  • Cisco
  • Citibank
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • PayPal
  • VMWare
  • Western Digital

My courses are highly interactive, with numerous exercises and opportunities for discussion.  I rarely use slides, instead live-coding as I describe and demonstrate the techniques I’m teaching.

Here’s a list of the on-site courses I offer.

Want me to come and train developers in your company? I’d be delighted to chat!  Just e-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il, and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your needs.  Note: I’m typically booked months in advance, so it’s better to talk about this sooner than later.