Practice Your Python!

No matter where you are in your Python journey, it can always help to practice and refine your skills. This page lists the best resources I’ve found for practicing Python — through exercises and challenges.

If you have found a good resource that helps people to practice and improve their Python skills, send me e-mail at, and I’ll add it to this list.


Free services

Paid services

  • Weekly Python Exercise — a family of 15-week courses, with new cohorts (at beginning and advanced levels) starting every 1-2 months.  WPE combines weekly challenges, a private forum, and live office hours for lots of Python practice.
  • Python Morsels — weekly challenges on a variety of Python topics.
  • PyBytes — weekly challenges, often using Django or Flask to create Web applications.
  • Codecademy — learn Python (and many other languages), with the initial classes being free
  • HackerRank