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E-mail used to be so simple. But nowadays, just subscribing to an e-mail list can feel like a big chore.

So I’m glad that you managed to get through the whole sign-up process. From here on in, it’ll be nothing but Python goodness.

A few things:

  • Would you please fill out the below survey, so that I can learn more about you? I really love knowing who my subscribers are.
  • If you have questions or topics you would like me to address, then just e-mail me! I’m always available at reuven@lerner.co.il.
  • In addition to my newsletter, I also tweet at @reuvenmlerner, upload videos on YouTube as “reuvenlerner”, and even post on Facebook at “reuvenlernertraining”. Follow me there, as well, to get the latest I’m writing about Python.
  • Most of all: Remember that learning a programming language is like learning a human language. It takes time, effort, and practice build fluency. I’m here to help you build that fluency, even if it’ll take a while. You can totally do this!
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