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Want to level up your Python skills?

You're using Python because you want to solve problems. (And yeah, maybe you want to enjoy yourself while coding, too.)

But consider:

  • What if you could solve problems more quickly?
  • What if you could spend less time copying answers from Stack Overflow, and more just coding?
  • What if you could write more idiomatic, "Pythonic" code?

Every Monday, my "Better developers" newsletter helps Python developers to write clearer, more efficient code in less time.

Not only will this make you better at your current job. It'll also make you more attractive for your next career move.

Some of the topics I've covered:

  • What's the difference between comments and docstrings?
  • How do "for" loops really work under the hood?
  • Using threads in Python
  • How to think about asyncio
  • How to use exceptions effectively

Join thousands of other subscribers to "Better developers," and level up your Python skills!

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