Mandarin Weekly Plus subscription

Every week, Mandarin Weekly provides you and more than 20,000 other students of Chinese with with the best new resources for students of Chinese.

Now, you have the chance to customize Mandarin Weekly, limiting it to just those topics and levels that are right for you.

Introducing Mandarin Weekly Plus.

Do you only want to see advanced videos? How about introductory articles about characters and travel in China?  Maybe you’re interested in characters and grammar, but nothing else.

As a Mandarin Weekly Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to choose as many (or few) levels as you want, and as many (or few) topics as you want.  When you receive Mandarin Weekly on Monday, you’ll only receive the links that match your preferences. If and when you change your mind, you can just go back to your MW+ control panel, and change it to something else.

A subscription to Mandarin Weekly Plus costs $5/month, or $50/year.  That works out to less than $1/week.

If you’re a student, then it’s even less than that — $2/month, or $20/year.  That works out to less than 50¢/week.

Not only will you be getting a newsletter that’s specifically targeted to your Chinese-learning needs, but you’ll be supporting the writing, editing, and technical infrastructure needed to make Mandarin Weekly happen.

You can pay via credit card or PayPal.  Within a day or two, you’ll receive instructions for customizing your Mandarin Weekly experience.

Don’t want a special, customized version of Mandarin Weekly? Don’t worry; Mandarin Weekly will continue in its current form, completely free of charge. That said, these prices are (we hope) low enough that you will want to support us and our efforts to bring you high-quality links each week.

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