Reminder: Weekly Python Exercise B1 (advanced topics 1) starts on Tuesday!

Weekly Python Exercise

If you’ve been using Python for a year or more, and want to sharpen your skills, then I have good news: A new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise starts this coming Tuesday.

The course has a simple formula, but one that works:

  • Every Tuesday, for the 15 weeks of the course, you get a question e-mailed to you on Tuesday morning, along with a description and “pytest” tests.
  • The following Monday, you’ll receive the solution, along with a detailed explanation.
  • In between (and after!) you can use our private forum to discuss the problem, and share your solution with others.
  • Once a month, I have live office hours, when I answer questions about the exercises (and Python in general).

Thousands of developers have improved their Python skills with WPE over the last few years. If you’re looking for something that won’t take too much time each week, and which will expose you to new ideas and Python development techniques, then join me in the coming cohort!

Want to join? Or to get a free sample? Or to learn more? Just go to!

As with all of my courses, I offer discounts to students, seniors/pensioners/retirees, people living outside of the 30 richest countries, and anyone affected adversely by the coronavirus pandemic. Just e-mail me at with questions.

But don’t delay… the new cohort starts on Tuesday, and I won’t be offering B1 again until 2022.