Improve your Python fluency with “Python Workout” — today’s “Deal of the Day”

Whether you’re a developer, devops engineer, or data scientist, you’re likely using Python. But do you really know the language, or do you find yourself copying and pasting from Stack Overflow on a regular basis, hoping that the solution you’ve found will solve your problem without too much editing?

The best solution to this problem is practice. And in my book, Python Workout (, I provide you with 50 exercises (and another 150 bonus exercises) to push your Python skills forward, helping you not just to solve the problem at hand but to generally understand how the language works.

Python Workout, along with two other books (“Tiny Python Projects” and “Data Science Bookcamp”) is currently 50% off, as a Manning “Deal of the day.” No matter what you’re doing with Python, you’ll likely benefit from or more of these books. Just go to and enter the code dotd100620 at checkout to get half off.

But don’t wait — this deal is only good on October 6, 2020!