Master object-oriented Python with Weekly Python Exercise — starting September 8th

Object-oriented programming has been around for several decades. As a result, it has become easier to organize, maintain, and reuse code.

Well, sort of. Perhaps the word “easier” isn’t quite right.

I’ve met many people who tried to learn programming, and especially object-oriented programming, in such languages as C++, Java, and C#, and got lost with all of the syntax and terminology.

The good news is that Python’s objects are much more straightforward to learn and use than those other languages. But there are still concepts to master, as well as syntax and keywords associated with objects. And even after you’ve learned how to work with classes, instances, and methods in Python… it can still be a bit daunting and unfamiliar.

Does that describe you? Are you somewhat familiar with Python’s objects, but not fluent enough to use them confidently in your own projects? If so, then you’re not alone. Moreover, there’s a good way to become more fluent, and to gain confidence when working with Python’s objects: Practice. And not just practice, but guided practice, ideally with peers learning alongside you.

If this does describe you, then you should check out the upcoming cohort of Weekly Python Exercise, which will concentrate on object-oriented programming for beginners. For 15 weeks, you’ll get a new problem on each Tuesday, and see the solution on the following Monday. You’ll participate in our exclusive online forum, exchanging ideas and solutions with other students. And you’ll be invited to live, monthly office hours at which we can discuss any Python topics you want.

Join Weekly Python Exercise A3: Objects for beginners

But don’t delay: WPE A3 (“Objects for beginners”) starts on Tuesday, September 8th, and won’t be offered until the autumn of 2021. Register, or just learn more, at Or if you have questions, contact me at or on Twitter as @reuvenmlerner.