There’s still time to get amazing Python course deals via Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle for Python

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the massive Humble Bundle for Python courses + PyCharm, you only have a few days left to do so before it ends! Whether you’re just starting out with Python or are an old hand looking to learn some new skills, you’ll find something here.

I’m offering three courses in this bundle, one in each of the three “tiers”:

  • Tier 1: Comprehending Comprehensions
  • Tier 2: Object-oriented Python (+ Tier 1)
  • Tier 3: Any one cohort of Weekly Python Exercise (+ Tier 2)

There are also courses from Talk Python (Michael Kennedy), Real Python (Dan Bader), Julian Sequeira + Bob Belderbos), Matt Harrison, and Python Morsels (Trey Hunner), among others.

Oh, and part of the proceeds go to the Python Software Foundation and Race Forward. So you’re not only getting a great deal for yourself, but you’re supporting organizations that promote Python and work to eradicate racism.

This sort of deal doesn’t come along very often, and it’s ending in less than one week. So head over to before it does, and get some great training at an amazing price!