“Python Workout” is available in print!

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re able to get things done in Python, thanks to a combination of intuition, searching on Stack Overflow, and messing around. But you don’t feel fluent with the language, in that you’re always wondering just why things work the way they do.

The way to overcome this is practice. Lots of practice.

My book, “Python Workout,” is all about learning through such practice. In 50 exercises (and another 150 extensions to these exercises), you improve your Python skills, one exercise at a time.

Reuven Lerner holds a printed copy of "Python Workout"

And as of earlier this week, “Python Workout” is now available in print, as well as online. It has tons of features — from walkthroughs on the “Python Tutor” site to screencasts of me solving the exercises — to help improve your fluency and understanding when programming in Python.

Check out Python Workout, at https://PythonWorkout.com/!