Level up your Python skills with a supercharged Humble Bundle!

Want to improve your Python skills?

Yeah, I know. Of course you do.

Well, then you should grab an amazing deal from Humble Bundle, with content from a bunch of online Python trainers — including me!

Buying the bundle not only gives you access to some amazing Python training at a great price. It also supports the Python Software Foundation (which handles the administrative side of the Python language and ecosystem) and Race Forward (which works to improve race relations in the US).

There are three tiers to the bundle, and I have a course in each one:

  1. Comprehending Comprehensions
  2. Object-oriented Python
  3. Any one cohort of Weekly Python Exercise

Included in the bundles are also courses and books from Michael Kennedy, Trey Hunner, Matt Harrison, PyBites (Bob and Julian), Real Python (Dan Bader), and Cory Althoff. Plus it includes a subscription to the PyCharm editor.

So don’t delay! Sign up for this Humble Bundle, improve your Python, help two good causes, and save some money. But it’s only available for another 20 days, so don’t delay!

Sign up here: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/python-programming-software