Improve your Python: WPE A2 (“Functions for beginners”) starts next week!

If you’ve programmed in Python for even a short amount of time, then you’ve probably written a fair number of functions.

But many newcomers to Python don’t understand just how useful and powerful functions can be:

  • We can treat functions as nouns, not just as verbs — passing them as arguments, and storing them in variables
  • We can take define many different types of parameters, each with its own semantics and advantages
  • We can use functions written by other people, in external modules — those that come with Python’s standard library, and those we download from PyPI

These techniques aren’t just interesting. They can help you to write better, larger, and more sophisticated Python applications.

If you’re looking for a better Python job — in machine learning, Web development, analytics, or devops — then this will certainly help you to improve your understanding and fluency.

I’m starting a new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise on May 5th, one that’s all about functions and modules, aimed at beginners with Python — those with less than one year of experience with the language. Over 15 weeks, you’ll become a more fluent Python programmer, doing more with less code and becoming more confident in what you’re doing.

The course, like all WPE cohorts, has a simple formula:

  • On Tuesday, you get a new question, along with “pytest” tests
  • On the following Monday, you get the solution and a full explanation
  • In between, you chat with others in our private forum, and discuss possible answers
  • Once per month, I hold live office hours, where we can discuss questions you might have about the exercises — or any other Python questions you have.

WPE is now in its fourth year, with many hundreds of satisfied students. I’m confident that if you’ve been using Python for less than a year, this cohort of WPE will help you to improve your knowledge of functions.

Join Weekly Python Exercise A2: Functions for beginners, starting on May 5th. Get a better job — or just do your current job better.

Questions or comments? E-mail me at, or on Twitter as @reuvenmlerner.

And don’t forget that I give discounts to (1) students, (2) seniors/pensioners/retirees, (3) anyone living outside of the world’s 30 richest countries, and (4) anyone affected adversely by the coronavirus/covid-19. Just e-mail me at if any of these applies to you.