Reminder: My free “Python for non-programmers” course continues tomorrow!

If you’ve never programmed a computer before — or if you tried, and found it frustrating and difficult — then you’re welcome to join my “Python for non-programmers” course, which takes place on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

The class is 100% free of charge, and open to anyone who wants. Just register at Registering gets you weekly reminders, recordings of previous sessions, and invites to the private forum, where you can chat about the lessons with other students.

And it’s a live class, so you can ask questions during the session, and get an immediate answer from me.

(So yes, this means that if you’re only joining now, you can catch up. And if you miss this or any other lesson, you can access the recording down the line.)

Stay home and stay safe — but while you’re home, take advantage of the opportunity to learn Python! I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. (And at this price, why not give it a whirl?)

Once again, you can register at