Announcing: Free, weekly “Python for non-programmers” workshop

This is a tough time for the world. Wherever you live, you have likely been affected by covid-19, the coronavirus that has been making its way to every country, city, and town.

Many countries, companies, and individuals are now restricted to their homes.  This can be frustrating in many ways.  Moreover, I’m not alone in believing that we’re about to see some very troubled times for the world economy.

I’ve been trying to decide what I can do, as a Python instructor, to help people in these trying times.  And after some thought, I’ve decided to offer a free, weekly live workshop for people with little or no Python programming experience

This workshop will be run as a live Zoom session on Fridays, with me teaching Python programming from the ground up.  This is similar to the “Python for non-programmers” course that I’ve been giving to Fortune 500 companies for the last few years — although it’ll be broken up over many weeks, and will hopefully have many more participants than I’ve ever had before.

This is an experiment, and I’m asking for your help in letting people know about it. If you, or someone you know, wants to spend an hour a week learning programming basics, then I invite you to join me in my “Python for non-programmers” workshop. 

I’ll ask questions, I’ll give exercises, and I’ll take questions. And I’ll tell lots of bad jokes, too. But in the end, I hope that you’ll learn, gain some skills, and have some fun not thinking about the news.

Not only will this workshop be completely free of charge, but I’ll be sharing each week’s recordings, as well. So if you cannot attend, or if you want to catch up on old videos, or even check out the Jupyter notebooks I use in each class, then don’t worry — all of that will be available to you, for as long as you want.

Sounds good?  I sure hope so!  You can join here:

Join my free, weekly “Python for non-programmers” workshop

When you join, I’ll send a welcome message.  And then I’ll send you connection instructions on Wednesday or Thursday.

Questions? Just contact me, via e-mail ( or on Twitter (@reuvenmlerner).