“Python Workout” is Manning’s “Deal of the Day”

I’m delighted to announce that my book, “Python Workout,” is Manning’s “Deal of the Day” for February 28th.

The book contains 50 complete exercises and solutions on all of the core aspects of Python — data structures, functions, comprehensions, objects, and iterators. It also has an additional 150 “beyond the exercise” problems to keep you thinking and practicing, even after you’ve completed an exercise.

One early reader said, “This is the best Python book I have ever reviewed and read in all my years working with Python. The challenges presented, the level of the programming, and the quality of the explanations by Reuven make this book a true Python jewel, a must have book in my Python library!”

The book is going through its final phases of editing and production. But you can already learn from it as a “MEAP” (Manning Early-Access Program) book online.

Get it for 50% off today, at https://www.manning.com/dotd! Just use the coupon code “dotd022820” at checkout.