Last chance for Weekly Python Exercise A1

This is a final reminder that in a few hours, registration will close for Weekly Python Exercise A1: Data structures for beginners.

Again and again, WPE participants have said that Weekly Python Exercise was the boost they needed to become more familiar with Python.

Now, if Python fluency is your goal, then that’s great.  But for most people, Python fluency isn’t the goal — it’s a means to an end.  And to what end?

  • With more fluent Python, you can spend time doing your job, rather than searching Stack Overflow and Google.
  • With more fluent Python, you’ll write tighter, more readable, code.
  • With more fluent Python, you’ll be able to solve bigger and more complex problems than before.
  • With more fluent Python, you’ll be able to interview for — and get — more senior Python development positions.

The $100 you spend for this 15-week course will more than pay for itself in future earnings.  But if you find that the price is out of reach, remember that I give discounts to students, seniors/pensioners/retirees, and anyone living outside of the world’s 30 richest countries.  If this applies to you, then just e-mail me, and I’ll gladly give you the appropriate coupon code.

But don’t delay, because the first exercise will soon be going out to subscribers!  And I won’t be offering WPE A1 again until 2021.

Click here to join Weekly Python Exercise A1: Data structures for beginners