Is Weekly Python Exercise for you?

In just a few days, I’ll be starting a new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise A1: Data structures for beginners. From my experience teaching Python for 20 years, I’d say that this is one of the best ways out there to improve your Python fluency. That’s because it combines actual practice, automated “pytest” tests, and community interactions.

But don’t believe me! Here’s what previous participants have said:

  • I was a total Python noob when I started.  I just wanted to learn the syntax, how to look at problems and find the solution. You provided both… your teaching is instrumental in drilling some concepts into our brains.
  • I learned a lot of features of the language and had a fun time doing it. I also got to apply what I learned when programming for work.
  • I expected to see Python in real world examples. I am not disappointed. During WPE, there were many examples, with a wide variety of programming blueprints.
  • The exercises are perfect for me because they are right in my “wheelhouse”. I have enough background knowledge that the context of the problems is relevant in my experience, yet I can’t just rattle off the solutions instantly.

So, WPE was right for them.  But is it right for you

  • If you have been using Python for less than one year, then WPE A1 will help you to understand how and when to use core data structures.
  • If you haven’t quite grasped when to use lists vs. tuples vs. dicts vs. sets, then WPE A1 will make this clearer.
  • If you feel like you’ll never remember or understand the many methods on core data structures, then WPE A1 will help you to understand and remember.
  • If you’re tired of going to Stack Overflow and Google multiple times each day, then WPE A1 will help.

But don’t take my word for it: You can sample WPE, taking you through two questions and answers to show you how it works.

Moreover: I’m running a free Webinar on Monday, and will be happy to answer your questions about Weekly Python Exercise, and how it works.  It’ll take place on Monday, at 17:00 Israel time; to convert it to your time zone, click here:

You’ll then be able to join me at the Webinar via the following link:

There are six different WPE classes; this is one of three beginner-level classes I’ll be running in 2020. But it’s the only time I’ll be running A1 — data structures for beginners. So if you want to improve your understanding of data structures, including how and when to use them, this is your chance!

Join WPE A1: Data structures for beginners

Remember: I offer discounts for students, seniors/retirees/pensioners, and anyone living outside of the world’s 30 richest countries. E-mail me at if you qualify, and I’ll send you a coupon code.