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It’s hard to exaggerate just how hot Python is right now. Lots of companies — from small startups to the Fortune 100 — have realized that Python allows them to do more in less time, and with less code.  This means, of course, that companies are scrambling to hire Python developers. There’s tons of demand, and not nearly enough supply. 

In other words: Now is a great time to be a Python developer! There are opportunities in just about every field, from Web development to system administration, devops to machine learning, automated testing to financial calculations.

If you’re going to get a Python job, you’ll first have to pass a Python job interview. And like everyone else, you’ll likely prepare for the interview by searching online for “Python interview questions,” or the like.

The good news: There are lots of sites offering Python interview questions and answers.

The bad news: I’ve looked at a lot of them, and they are terrible. The questions are often superficial, and the answers are often wrong or outdated. Plus, a programming interview isn’t a multiple-choice test, in which getting the right answer is the point. Rather, interviewers use the time with you to evaluate your depth of understanding, your coding process, and your ability to adapt as specifications change.

I’ve decided to do my part to change this: Today, I’m launching “Ace Python Interviews,” a new course that covers 50 questions you might be asked on a Python interview. The course has questions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Python developers. Note that the questions aren’t about specific disciplines, such as Web development or data science; they’re about the core Python language.

The course consists of six hours of video screencasts, written and presented by me while using the Jupyter notebook. And yes, you can download the Jupyter notebooks I used from the course site.

Better yet: This new course is completely free. That’s right: I’m giving this course away, no strings attached. Watch the videos as often (or rarely) as you want — but watch them, learn the process of coding in Python, recognize where you can and should improve your Python skills… and then, go in and knock ’em dead at your interview.

If you’re looking to level up your Python skills, and get a better job using Python in the next year, then I’d suggest taking a look at “Ace Python Interviews.”

Better yet: If you have friends or colleagues who are looking to get a new job with Python, then be sure to mention my new course to them.  They might just learn some tips that’ll help them to wow the interviewers, and improve their careers.

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