Weekly Python Exercise is a PyCon Africa 2019 bronze sponsor

I’ve attended two Python conferences so far this year: PyCon (in May, in Cleveland, Ohio) and EuroPython (in July, in Basel, Switzerland). Both were fantastic; I was happy to be a sponsor at PyCon in the US, and to give my “practical decorators” talk at both conferences.

While in Basel, I heard about PyCon Africa, a conference for people from all over Africa to come and share their Python knowledge with one another. And while I couldn’t make it (since I’m giving my “Python for non-programmers” course to a company in the US), I was delighted to become a bronze sponsor of the conference, under the Weekly Python Exercise name.

I hope that this year’s PyCon Africa, which starts today, is so over-the-top successful that it’ll happen again next year — and that I’ll be able to join it in person.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that if you want to improve your Python fluency, then Weekly Python Exercise offers a family of 15-week courses, at both beginner and advanced levels, to help you out. And if you live outside of the world’s 30 richest countries, then you’re entitled to a very steep discount on the enrollment fee. A new beginner-level cohort starts in September; find out more at https://WeeklyPythonExercise.com/ !

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