Want to level up your Python? Join Weekly Python Exercise, starting July 2nd

Let’s face it: Stack Overflow has made developers’ lives easier. Almost every time I have a question, I find that someone on Stack Overflow has asked it, and that people have answered it, often in great detail.

I’m thus not against Stack Overflow, not by a long shot. But I have found that many Python developers visit there 10 or even 20 times a day, to find answers (and even code) that they can use to solve their problems.

Can you work this way? Yes, and many people do — but it’s not the ideal, which would be to have greater Python fluency. If you could know how to solve the problem without looking it up, you would be able to accomplish more in less time.

Moreover, achieving Python fluency means that when you do need to search, you’ll do it better, more quickly, and more accurately than before. You’ll be able to design larger and more complex systems, using your greater understanding of Python’s functionality and data structures to construct more sophisticated systems.

How can you achieve such fluency? Practice, practice, and more practice.

Weekly Python Exercise is a family of 15-week courses, each of which gives you that practice, along with community discussion and live office hours. As you work your way through WPE’s exercises, you’ll get a better and deeper understanding of how to write Pythonic code, how to use the standard library, and what packages on PyPI are worthwhile.

Here’s what one student has to say:

From my perspective, WPE has given me a broad sense of what the Python language is all about. WPE has not just taught me syntax but has given context with respect to what types of tasks the language is meant to solve… Reuven’s explanations per task really do bring each task full circle for understanding and approach.

A new advanced-level cohort, aimed at people with at least six months of Python experience,starts on July 2nd. You can sign up at any time until then — but avoid the last-minute penalty by joining before Friday, June 28th. During this cohort, we’ll explore such topics as iterators, generators, decorators, functional programming, and threads. Every question comes with a test written in “pytest”. And you’ll be able to exchange code, ideas, and suggestions with others in your cohort via our private, exclusive forum.

If you want to solve bigger and better problems with Python, if you want to take your Python to the next level, and if you want to push yourself to learn new topics, then you should join WPE.

Learn more about Weekly Python Exercise, and how it’ll help you to become a better Python programmer — doing more in less time, and doing it better. You can learn more at https://WeeklyPythonExercise.com.

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