“Python Workout” is Manning’s Deal of the Day!

I’m a firm believer in improving your Python fluency via practice, practice, and more practice. “Python Workout” is a collection of my 50 favorite exercises from my 20 years of on-site Python training at some of the world’s largest and best-known companies.

I’m delighted to announce that “Python Workout,” my book with 50 exercises to improve your Python mastery and fluency, is Manning’s “Deal of the Day.”

That means that if you buy it today (i.e., June 13th), you’ll get 50% off!

Python Workout is currently available as an online MEAP (Manning Early-Access Program) book. Chapters 1-3 are already available, and chapters 4-6 will be up within another week or two. (And I’m working hard to finish editing the remaining chapters ASAP.)

Don’t miss this chance to get lots of extra Python practice for a low price. Get the book at https://www.manning.com/dotd , but only today (Thursday, June 13th)!

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