There’s still time to join Weekly Python Exercise

May 8, 2019 . By Reuven

Another cohort of Weekly Python Exercise starts next week! This time, it’s course A2 — for beginners, focusing on functions and modules.

Registration closes on Friday. So if you want to level up your Python skills, you should check out, and register with, Weekly Python Exercise sooner rather than later.

This cohort of WPE is for you, if:

  • You’re a bit shaky on the difference between *args and **kwargs, and when to use them
  • You don’t understand why mutable defaults are a bad things
  • You don’t know what the “global” keyword does, or why you should (or shouldn’t) use it
  • You want to create new Python modules, but aren’t sure where to start
  • You would like to be more familiar with the builtin Python standard library

The best way to learn is through a combination of practice and interactions with others — and that’s what WPE provides.

Weekly Python Exercise is the best way I know of for Python developers to improve their skills, become more fluent, and get better jobs. Join WPE, and you’ll have access not only to 15 weeks of problems and solutions, but also to a community of peers, and to monthly office hours with me.

Want to learn more? Just go to Or if you have questions, e-mail them to me, at

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Ask me anything!

Ask me anything!

Is Weekly Python Exercise for you?

Is Weekly Python Exercise for you?

Start the year with better Python fluency

Start the year with better Python fluency
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