Announcing: My new NumPy course is live!

March 29, 2019 . By Reuven

Guess what?  Python is the #1 language for data science.  I know, it doesn’t seem like this should be true.  Python is a great language, and easy to learn, but it’s not the most efficient language, either in execution speed or in its memory usage.

That’s where NumPy comes in: NumPy lets you have the best of both worlds, enjoying Python’s friendliness with C’s efficiency. As a result:

  • Companies are switching from C, C++, and Java to Python — because NumPy allows them to do so, with no loss of execution speed and with huge gains in their programmer productivity.
  • Companies are switching from Matlab to Python — because Python’s open-source license saves them huge amounts of money, and NumPy provides the functionality they need
  • Developers who never saw themselves as analysts or data scientists are learning these disciplines, because NumPy gives them an easy onramp into doing so
  • Students are discovering that you don’t need to choose between a high-level language and ruthless program efficiency, thanks to NumPy.

So, what’s the problem?  Well, NumPy works differently from regular Python data structures.  Learning the ins and outs, and how to apply these ideas to your own work, can take some time, even (or especially) if you have lots of Python experience.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that my “Intro to data science with Python” course has become one of my most popular.  Companies around the world, from Apple to Ericsson, IBM to PayPal, VMWare to Western Digital, have asked me to teach it to their engineers.  What do I teach on the first day of that course?  NumPy.  Because without NumPy, you can’t do any serious data science with Python. 

Companies keep inviting me back, time after time, to teach this course.  Almost immediately, their people use the techniques I teach to do more in less time — which is, after all, the promise that Python has offered to us.

I’m thus delighted to announce that my new “NumPy” course is available online.  This course includes nearly 5 hours of videos and nearly 60 exercises, designed to help you understand how to use NumPy — along with its companion software, Jupyter and Matplotlib.  It includes the same content as I present to these Fortune 500 companies, but for your own personal use, whenever and wherever you want to learn.

  • If you’re a programmer itching to learn data science, then this course is for you — providing an introduction to data science.
  • If you’re a data scientist interested in learning Python, then this course is for you — showing you how Python can serve your analysis needs.
  • If you’re an analyst who wants to use Python instead of Excel, then this course is for you — giving you a step-by-step introduction to the NumPy library.
  • If your job involves heavy doses of math, then this course is for you — showing you how NumPy can, together with Python, help you write easy-to-maintain code that executes at blazing speeds.

In short: If you want to learn one of the hottest topics in the computer industry, gaining skills that are highly in demand, then this course is for you.

Buy NumPy now

Want to learn more?  Just go to the course page, and see what topics I cover.  You can even watch a few of the videos for free.  And then start your data-science journey with the tool that is getting lots of people excited: NumPy.

Learn more about my NumPy course at .

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