Announcing: Two Python courses in Tel Aviv

Good news for developers in Israel — I’ll be offering two open-enrollment courses in Tel Aviv next month (January):

  • Advanced Python: If you’ve already been using Python for at least six months, and want to level up your knowledge of this hot language, then this course is for you.  I’ll talk about advanced data structures, inner functions, functional programming techniques, in-depth objects, iterators, generators, decorators, and threading/multiprocessing.
  • Intro to data science and machine learning: Data science is the hottest topic in the computer world, and Python is the most popular language for doing it!  This course will teach you about NumPy, Pandas, and scikit-learn, using a variety of real-world data sets.  Learn how to import, select, clean, and analyze data — and then to create and compare machine-learning models that make predictions.  Note that this course assumes some familiarity with Python.

These are the same courses I’ve given on-site, around the world, to companies such as Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, and VMWare (among many others).  The big difference is that now you don’t have to work at a big company to take the course.

Want more information, or to guarantee a spot?  Just click on the above links.

Have any questions? Send me e-mail at, or call me at +972-54-496-8405.