Announcing: Weekly Python Exercise, Newbie Edition

  • Weekly Python Exercise logoAre you new to Python, and looking for relatively easy exercises to reinforce what you’ve learned?
  • Do you use Python every day, but rely on Stack Overflow to answer questions like, “Which parentheses should I use here,” or, “What’s the difference between a list and dict?”
  • Are you an experienced developer in other languages, and want to learn Python via hands-on practice?

If any of the above is true, then I’m excited to announce enrollment for my latest course: Weekly Python Exercise, Newbie Edition.

Since I launched it 18 months ago, three cohorts of students have participated in Weekly Python Exercise — receiving a new Python challenge via e-mail every Tuesday, and the solution the following Monday.  Students had access to our exclusive forums, and traded ideas, solutions, and techniques with one another. Some attended my live, video office hours, when I answered Python questions that they might have.

The question I got most often about those Weekly Python Exercise cohorts was whether it was appropriate for someone totally new to Python.  Many queries later, I decided to launch Weekly Python Exercise, Newbie Edition.

If you want to improve your Python fluency, then there’s no better way than practice. And if you are new to Python, and want to understand the core concepts better, then I’m sure that Weekly Python Exercise is for you.

WPE Newbie Edition costs $75. What do you get for that?

  • 15 exercises, sent to you each Tuesday — along with a list of subjects covered by the exercise, and links to resources to read on those subjects
  • When applicable, automated tests (in “pytest”) to help you check your answers
  • 15 detailed explanations, sent to you the following Monday
  • Exclusive access to a forum in which other WPE students will help one another to solve the problems (and improve on my solutions)
  • Exclusive access to monthly office hours with me, in which I’ll solve the exercises and answer your Python problems.

And of course, my usual discounts for students, retirees/pensioners, and people from outside the world’s 30 richest countries get significant discounts. (Just contact me to get the appropriate coupon code.)

Sound interesting? Learn more here.

Have any questions? Send me e-mail (, or hit me up on Twitter (@reuvenmlerner).