Weekly Python Exercise: Registration closes in two days

Weekly Python Exercise logoThis is just a reminder that registration for the next cohort of Weekly Python Exercise, my course that combines exercises and community to turn you into an advanced Python developer, closes in just two days, on September 18th.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your understanding of such topics as functions, objects, decorators, generators, comprehensions, and lambda (among other things), then WPE is for you!  I only open 1-2 cohorts per year, so if you want to level up your Python — and stop relying on Stack Overflow and Google to answer your questions — be sure to check it out.

With this cohort, I’m adding tests with PyTest to most exercise specifications! This means that you’ll not only get better at coding, but at testing, too.

You can read more at http://WeeklyPythonExercise.com/.

Remember: I offer discounts to students, pensioners, and residents of countries that aren’t among the world’s 30 richest.  Just e-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il for a coupon code.

And: Once you buy WPE, my “forever free” policy means that you can join future cohorts, too.

And of course: There’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

I’m sure that WPE is the best way to improve your Python, and thus improve your career as a developer or data scientist. Questions? Just e-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il, and I’ll respond ASAP.