I’ll be attending PyCon 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio later this week — from Friday morning through the first day of sprints on Monday.

I’m hoping to meet lots of people from the worldwide Python community — as well as readers of Linux Journal, listeners to the “Freelancers Show” podcast, people who have attended my training courses over the years, and subscribers to my “Better developers” newsletter.

I’m planning to host a get-together, hopefully on Friday; I’ll post to my blog and Twitter account once I know when and where.  I’m already planning to host an “open space” for Python trainers on Friday.

It’s my first PyCon, so I’m both excited and nervous about how overwhelming it’ll likely be.  But I’m mainly interested in meeting people — so don’t be shy, and please do make an effort to find me!  I’ll be delighted to meet you and chat about all things Python (and not).  You can contact me on Twitter as @reuvenmlerner and WeChat as ReuvenLerner.

See you there!