Where can you practice (and improve) your Python skills?

The most common question I get from students in my Python classes is: How can we practice and improve our skills after the course is over?

These students realize that no matter how good a course might be, they won’t retain very much if they don’t use and practice their Python on a regular basis.

I’ve thus created PracticeYourPython.com, a site listing all of the resources I know about that are designed to improve your Python skills.  Some of these are free, and others are paid.  (And yes, I’ve included resources that I’ve created, as well, such as Practice Makes Python and Weekly Python Exercise.)

So if you want to improve your Python skills, head over to PracticeYourPython.com!  And if you know of resources I’ve missed, please drop me a line at reuven@lerner.co.il; I’ll be sure to add it.

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