Data science + machine learning + Python course in Shanghai

Reuven teaching in ChinaData science is changing our lives in dramatic ways, and just about every company out there wants to take advantage of the insights that we can gain from analyzing our data — and then making predictions based on that analysis.

Python is a leading language (and some would say the leading language) for data scientists. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in addition to teaching intro and advanced Python courses around the world, I’m increasingly also teaching courses in how to use Python for data science and machine learning.  (Within the next few weeks, I expect to release a free e-mail course on how to use Pandas, an amazing Python library for manipulating data.   I’ve already discussed it on my mailing list, with more discussion of the subject to come in the future.)

Next month (i.e., February 2017), I’ll be teaching a three-day course in the subject in Shanghai, China.  The course will be in English (since my Chinese is not nearly good enough for giving lectures at this point), and will involve a lot of hands-on exercises, as well as lecture and discussion.  And lots of bad jokes, of course.

Here’s the advertisement (in Chinese); if you’re interested in attending, contact me or the marketing folks at Trig, the company bringing me to China:


Can’t make it to Shanghai? That’s OK; maybe I can come to your city/country to teach!  Just contact me at reuven@lerner.co.il, and we can chat about it in greater depth.

  • Bu Chiu Laowai says:

    Dear Reuven,

    Happy to see that you will be in Shanghai to teach about this hot topic. But 6800 Kuai for 3 day course? I can have 3400 baozi, 520 kong bao chicken and 309 big macs for this price . Good luck !

    • Sorry the price is high for you — truth be told, it’s about standard for companies that pay for training.

      Indeed, the training went well, and we had a full house.

      If you’re looking for products and services that are more affordable for individuals, check out my store at http://store.lerner.co.il/, and/or my free, weekly “Better developers” list, at http://lerner.co.il/newsletter .

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