I have begun to publish ebooks on a variety of programming subjects. I expect to publish 1-2 new books each year.

Practice Makes Regexp

practice-makes-regexp-coverRegular expressions (“regexps’) are an essential part of a programmer’s toolbox. However, they’re also known to be difficult to read, write, and debug. When I teach about regexps at Fortune 500 companies, I help participants to master regular expressions with lots and lots of exercises, followed by detailed explanations. This book, Practice Makes Regexp, gives you 50 of my favorite exercises, followed by explanations and code in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. My book will help you to master regular expressions.

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Practice Makes Python

This book, published in late Final2014, contains 50 of my favorite exercises used in my in-person Python classes. This is not a Python tutorial; rather, it’s meant to be the book you read after completing a Python course, or reading a tutorial book. My book will reinforce the ideas that you got from your initial training, and help you to become a more fluent Python programmer.

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Jewish guide to visiting China

This book is not technical; it’s aimed at Jews who will be visiting China for a short period of time, and want to know basic information about kosher food and Shabbat. I travel to China 2-3 times each year, and have accumulated a wealth of experience and tips about traveling there in general, as well as handcoverling Jewish-related issues. If you’re planning to travel to China in the near future and are starting to wonder what (and where) you’ll eat, this guide contains everything you will need to know. It currently has information about Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing, and is updated with every trip that I make to China.

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Coming soon: Successful Technical Training

This ebook, which will likely take some time to be written and edited, is my planned attempt to describe how someone can become an effective trainer in the high-tech industry. It’ll cover educational theories, syllabus and exercise construction, teaching strategies, and organizational methods, as well as the business side of things — how to approach companies, and how (even better) to have them approach you. Initial versions of this book, as it is written, will be shared with participants in my coaching program.