In the spring of 1996, when the Web was young, Reuven was asked to write a column for aspiring Web developers for a new magazine called Websmith. Within a few months, Websmith had folded. However, Reuven’s column, called “At the Forge,” was moved into Linux Journal, the first and best-known magazine about Linux and other open-source technologies.

The column has changed over the years; whereas it began as a column aimed at Perl programmers creating CGI programs, it now focuses on high-level languages (Ruby, Python, and JavaScript), databases, and the modern frameworks that power today’s Web.

Here, you can read through the archive of Reuven’s columns. Note that many of these technologies are now out of date, and the advice may be more wrong-headed than usual, given the passage of time. Nevertheless, I hope that this will be of interest and use to Web developers out there.

The columns are currently being moved over to the site’s new format; they should be available in the near future.

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